Federico Vidari

Senior Leader on Digital Business Transformation Design, Digital Coaching, Branding, Communication and Digital Strategy, UX Design, eCommerce, eMail Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Social Selling, Adjunct Professor of Communication Meta Design and Service Design at Politecnico di Milano.

Rocket your business

No matter the business model, there is a digital key to leverage your revenues.

Olistic mindset

I always look after the whole implications every action has.

Get surprised

Don't be afraid to discover new tools, methods and strategies. Don't let the obsolete sink your business.


My Digital approach fits the business demand of quickly plan, select, deploy activities with a return of investment (ROI), using senior resources (planners, designers, developers) with a strong background, fast deploy attitude and a strategic view of the investment. I provide services, optimized by experts, as well as strategic plans and solutions, campaigns or a complete full digital business outsourcing. Your revenues are my goal.


Startup mentorship, Accounting and Sales, Project Management and Team Leading, Public Speaking and Training, Stakeholder Engagement, Evangelist. Since 2002 I have worked as a professor of brand strategy at the Communication Design School - Polytechnic of Milan. I hold seminars for companies and institutions such as the Milan Chamber of Commerce.


I published 20+ articles on digital services and reviews about the top professional software suites: Microsoft Office, Adobe CS and more. In 2008 I edited a special issue of Computer Magazine about Facebook and a 240 pages guide to all broaband applications. Thanks to this experience I am often involved in content strategy, copywriting, labeling, content structure and management, naming. Moreover I have a precise understanding of media and influencer relations.


Fideuram, Lenovo, Plank, Ferrari, Maserati, Campagnolo, Piaggio, Ferragamo, Valle Camonica, Mida, Motel Connection, Car Server, Vitamin Store, Tucano Urbano, Corriere della Sera, Rizzoli, R101, Nielsen, Abb, Adobe, Camera di Commercio di Milano e di Monza, Promos, Formaper, Palazzo Giureconsulti, Palazzo Affari, Bridgestone, Honeywell, Fabbri1905, Expo 2015 - Ministero dell’Ambiente, Politecnico di Milano, Domus Academy.
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Digital Business

I have a deep understanding of digital, internet business and social media, SEO, programmatic ads, web reputation and digital PR. I support my clients (companies, artists, VIPs, institutions) to outline solutions with a strategic approach. I lead the production teams to ensure an accurate execution.

Social Media Marketing and Digital PR

When it comes to social networks I consider myself a pioneer, with both a personal and professional interest. Many projects I manage hands-on give me a clear understanding of the many tweaks nowadays needed to generate engagement for company and personal brands.